The corporate social responsibility is an important and complex concept. These are specific obligations undertaken by the company before the partners, employees and society for its actions and their social implications, what contributes to the sustainable development of the company, health and well-being of the society.
Being conscious of importance of the social responsibility and business reputation, Rospetroleum explores the society's systemic development strategy as socially focused company and places high emphasis on social and environmental issues.
The social responsibility of the company provides for activities both in the internal and the external environment:
  • In the internal environment — Rospetroleum is implemented through safe working conditions, stable salaries, medical and social insurance of the employees, human resources enhancement through educational programs and trainings and improvement of professional skills;
  • In the external environment — Rospetroleum is implemented through promoting environmental protection, sponsorship, corporate beneficence and cooperation with local authorities.
Successful implementation of the specified activities will allow the company to obtain real advantages and opportunities to operate for the benefit of its sustainability and to make its contribution into the preservation of environment, formation of values and development of the society.