Dear site visitors and partners of the company!
In connection with the established case of misuse of the name of our company, we warn you that Rospetroleum Ltd and Rospetroleum trade Ltd do not have any representative offices or branches.
Negotiations on behalf of the company have the right to conduct only company employees who do not use free mail servers for business correspondence (gmail.com, yandex.ru, mail.ru, etc.). All correspondence is conducted exclusively from the company's corporate mail from the domain rospetroleum.com.
If you received a commercial offer on a letterhead from Rospetroleum Ltd or Rospetroleum trade Ltd, then there should not be any extraneous contacts other than those indicated on the site. If you are aware of cases of misuse of our company name, please report to the following email address: yur@rospetroleum.com
Be careful! Beware of scammers!