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Rospetroleum supplies high-quality light and dark oil products produced by LUKOIL refineries.

The company supplies the following oil products:

  1. Unleaded gasoline Regular – 92 (AI–92–К5);
  2. Unleaded gasoline Premium Euro – 95 (AI–95–К5);
  3. Diesel fuel Euro, grade C (DT–L–K5);
  4. Diesel fuel Euro, grade F (DT–E–K5);
  5. Diesel fuel Euro, class 1 (DT–Z–K5);
  6. Jet fuel (JET А–1);
  7. Road bitumen (50/70 and 70/100 grades);
  8. Road bitumen (60/90 and 90/130 grades);
  9. Fuel oil (M–100).

The quality of supplied products is controlled in the laboratories of enterprises in accordance with international standards (ASTM / ISO / EN / IP) and interstate standards (GOST). All supplied products are confirmed by the relevant certificates.