Mission and Vision
Our Mission
Rospetroleum views its mission in reliable and efficient ensuring its customers with high-quality liquid and solid fuel to consumers, in strict compliance with requirements of safety, environmental and social responsibility.
Our Vision
Rospetroleum is a dynamically developing company striving for leadership among independent suppliers of liquid and solid fuels on the international market. We are based on the following key elements:
Our driving force is dedicated and professional people, united by a common corporate culture and shared values:
  1. Attention to customers. We are ever conscious that our business only exists thanks to the loyalty of our customers. We highly value all of our customers and constantly monitor their needs so that we can react efficiently to accommodate changing requirements. We constantly developing together with our customers and improve business processes, as well as increasing the level of service;
  2. Efficiency and Agility. We aspire to achieve the best results by driving timely innovation, to make the right and timely decisions and leveraging our resources in the most effective way;
  3. Respect for employees. We care about our employees and provide decent working conditions. We fairly estimate activity of employees, we create conditions for personal development, career development and the freedom to take initiative and excel within the company;
  4. Teamwork. We is the team of like-minded. We share vision and goals of the company and lead it to success. We use the potential and professionalism of all team members.
We achieve excellence with the help of business system Rospetroleum, which consists of the following factors:
  1. High quality products;
  2. High quality services;
  3. Positive partnerships;
  4. Market foresight;
  5. Operating processes improvement.
Unity is our fundamental principle and necessary to achieving leadership. Our unity is based on shared goals, values and business standards. Only together can we achieve more.