About us
Rospetroleum Ltd was founded in 2007 in Bulgaria with the aim of supplies liquid and solid fuels on the international market. The company is a independent supplier of oil products and coal of Russian producers.
The basis of Rospetroleum Ltd is consists of highly qualified employees with considerable experience in the fuel industry, as well as in the field of logistics and finance.
During its activity, Rospetroleum Ltd has established itself as a reliable supplier and responsible business partner, timely and full scope performing its obligations.
Rospetroleum Ltd has direct partnership with the largest producers of oil products and coal, which guarantees the quality and reliability of supplies. The priority direction of the activity of the company is supply of products to end consumers in Europe and Asia.
Rospetroleum Ltd adheres to the principles of maximum customers focus and has all the necessary resources to provide customers with a full complex of necessary services without the help of third-party companies.
Rospetroleum Ltd has the following advantages:
  1. High quality products;
  2. Flexible prices and payment terms;
  3. Absence of unnecessary intermediaries;
  4. Timeliness of supplies;
  5. Individual approach to each client.
Since 2020, the trading activities of Rospetroleum Ltd with companies that are not residents of Bulgaria is carried out through a 100% owned subsidiary of Rospetroleum trade Ltd.